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Stoecklein Photography Workshops are designed to enhance photographic skills through priceless experiences in the field and in the classroom. Our workshops are open to all ability levels, enriching the skills of everyday photographers and professional talents. These are intimate, educational courses, and we keep each workshop to a maximum of 12 students.

Meet Your Teachers

Drew Stoecklein, professional photographer and son of David Stoecklein, leads our authentic and action-packed Western workshops. The coursework features real working cowboys and cowgirls on real working ranches with true-to-life scenarios and an extensive collection of props. We offer dynamic and authentic Western experiences that our students never forget. In this setting, our students can socially interact with their peers, the cowboys, and their ranching families. It is not uncommon for students to come back year after year to further develop their skills and rekindle these connections.

Drew Stoecklein

Drew Stoecklein

It takes a certain kind of person to raise wild badgers as pets. As a kid in the Rocky Mountains of Idaho, Drew Stoecklein raised two of them. Stoecklein’s thirst for adventure and tireless drive put him on big mountain ski podiums across the globe. As a professional skier at the top of his sport, he found himself the subject of a myriad of shoots for magazines and brands. This soon evolved into a career on the other side of the camera. He now follows in the footsteps of his father–legendary photographer of the American West, David Stoecklein–capturing the honesty and thrill of a life lived outdoors. His desire to bring unforgettable imagery (both still and motion) to each project has taken him around the globe on assignments for some of the world’s largest companies.

Reid Morth

Reid Morth

Hailing from North Dakota, Reid Morth is an action and adventure photographer living in Bozeman, Montana. Through his photography, he’s traveled to some extraordinary locations and met many awesome subjects whom he feels privileged to shoot and who have inspired him to hone his craft. From studio production to camera-phone journalism, Reid’s perpetual flexibility has allowed his adventure to span multiple continents and an extensive range of subject material. From the streets of Honduras to the waves of Vancouver Island, BC, he’s just as excited to check out new places as he is to return home to his dog, Brody. 

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  • Workshops fill up fast so make sure to register A.S.A.P
  • It is customary for students to tip the whole crew (models and staff) $100-$200 for the entire weekend. It is a much appreciated gesture.
  • Students are responsible for their lodging. It is not included in the price of the workshop. Please view the workshop details for suggested accommodations.

“My experience at a Stoecklein Photography Workshop was nothing short of incredible. I can truly say that I not only added to my photography and artistic knowledge, but that I also made connections and friendships that I believe will last a lifetime. I would wholeheartedly recommend these workshops.”

Janey Beumeler

“It’s one thing to be immersed in photography knowledge for three days, but it’s another to sit alongside some of the most talented and experienced photographers in the country and pick their brain on technique and tips to truly capture the authenticity and spirit of your beautiful surroundings.”

Molly Ambrogi-Yanson

“I attended the workshop a little nervous and not knowing what to expect or if I was “good enough.” Those apprehensions were quickly put aside by Drew, Reid and the whole crew. Everyone is so patient, welcoming and knowledgeable, you can’t help but succeed. I gained new knowledge, confidence and a circle of extremely talented and passionate friends. It’s not simply a photo workshop, it’s an entire experience.”

Elizabeth Hay

“The workshops are a heck-of-a lot of fun, but the individualized training, in combination with a wide-range of opportunities to apply it, has taken my photography to a whole new level.”

Kim Crandall